The newly modernized Shop Classroom Building, new parking lot, and new outdoor student courtyards brought back a sense of community within the school culture.  These existing spaces were in poor and blighted condition.  The shop building had potential structural deficiencies, being unoccupied for nearly 10 years.  In lieu of replacement, this project was rehabilitated through a voluntary seismic upgrade, one of the first few projects to participate in OPSC’s Seismic Mitigation program and also recognized as a CHPS Verified project.  Existing clerestory windows that were painted black and underutilized were restored with high performing dual insulated glazing, maximizing North natural daylight while exceeding the minimum building code threshold for energy efficiency.

Coalinga, Fresno County
23,110 square feet
Completed 2015

Mr. Jim Reckas, Director of Facilities
Coalinga-Huron Unified School District